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Wat Pho Offering Bowl
"What would you wish for if you were granted 3 wishes?" If I was asked this question, I'd answer "I'd wish for xx more wishes." As soon as I entered Wat Pho, I heard this very high pitched noise, echoing inside the temple room, constant, almost without any pause or hesitation. After seeing the reclining Buddha and turning to its back side, I saw this row of copper bowls. There were 108 of them, all lined up on racks against the wall. For each Baht, one can exchange 4 small copper coins (0.25 Baht, not really used in circulation any more). Visitors put these coins into the bowl, and made wishes or prayed as they walked from end to end. That was where the noise came from, metal hitting metal. Maybe I was too involved into the sight and sound of the temple and Buddha, maybe I was too busy wishing for more wishes, maybe I was thinking how another person would experience all this...... I don't remember what I wished for as I tossed the coins into the bowls, and now I only wish I do.

Picture taken: Dec-10-2007
Camera: Nikon D80   Lens: 18-200mm
ISO: 100  Shutter speed: 1/60 sec - F/3.5

Capturing a frame of life as it flies by......