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Monk in Window
Buddhist monks recently gained a lot of media coverage, first in Burma, now in Tibet and India. When I was traveling in Thailand and Cambodia, I realized how well they were integrated into the society, as I was the one who stands out in the crowd by giving a longer look, and sometimes snapping a shot. Their orange robes just never failed to catch my immediate attention. Under that peaceful look, many of them have a young men's heart with much curiosity to the outside world. My coversations with them (in English) were as much asking as answering. (Y:) Where did you learn English? (Y:) How long have you been living in a temple? (M:) Which country do you come from? (M:) Have you been to Toronto? (M:) Do you like Angkor? ...... These are the questions with answers. ...... However, I may never find out what it feels like to live as one of them.

Picture taken: Dec-12-2007
Camera: Nikon D80  Lens: 18-200mm
ISO: 100  Shutter speed: 1/30 F/22

Capturing a frame of life as it flies by......